Conscious fashion sports apparel begins with making high quality cycling, running, triathlon, and OCR gear that lasts and reduces the amount of clothing sent to landfills each year. Please reconsider purchasing inexpensive apparel items made from cheap fabrics that only last one season. The kind you find on Amazon, Alibaba and other mass market websites. It is one reason you will only find Herron Apparel items on this site and at select, sport-specific retailers.



We start reducing waste and saving landfill space at the design stage. We reduce fabric waste through efficient design. Next, we integrate extra stitching at critical stress points, and stronger, lightweight, fibers to ensure durability and longer life. In addition, we limit fabric combinations in the same garment to increase the ease of recycling.


When possible, we utilize sustainable fabrics like recycled and bio-derived elastane (Spandex). We incorporate organic fibers where appropriate, available, and do not affect performance or comfort.

Social Compliance

Our factory partners must meet or exceed these 12 principles:

  • Follow local laws
  • No forced labor
  • No child labor
  • No harassment or abuse
  • Payments and Benefits
  • Hours of work
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Health & Safety
  • Freedom of Association
  • Environmental laws
  • Customs Compliance
  • Security

Waste Management and Conservation

We and our partners are required to have effective waste management solutions like efficient filtration technologies to convert wastewater into clean water, chemicals and energy; policies and systems to reduce waste and conserve water as well. Internal reuse policies include supplying employees with reusable water containers; we limit the use of ‘fast food’ for health and waste management reasons; our travel policies require the use of self-propelled vehicles when available and appropriate, limited use of air travel and only for mission-critical needs, groups are to travel together in energy efficient vehicles or mass transit, and the use of online meetings.


We prioritize packaging that is made with as much recycled content as humanly possible. Within “recycled content” we seek the highest level of post-consumer waste (versus post-industrial waste) allowable without hindering the quality of the packaging. Even the inks we use are the most eco-minded as possible for printing and branding.

Want to see the impact of sustainable packaging choices?
Check out our Sustainability Calculator for Mailers, which provides the natural resource and emissions savings you achieved by going 100% recycled with our packaging. We typically ship using the 10" x 13" 100% Recycled Poly Mailer for your reference.


We only contract with shipping services that are committed to reducing carbon emissions and exploring alternatives to fossil fuels. Green building certifications and renewable energy for facilities.

Returns and Repairs

We provide detailed sizing charts and expert advice to reduce the amount of returns due to fitting issues. 
We offer free repairs on minor issues such as broken zippers or seam stitches.
We encourage you to return any item that you no longer wear due to size, style, or smell, or damage from accident. We will recycle it for you and provide you with credit toward a new purchase.


Conscious Fashion Sports Apparel