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Herron Eco-cool triathlon suit is designed for comfort including numerous cooling panels to keep you performing at your peak.

Herron Eco-Cool Triathlon Suit: Where Craftsmanship Meets Performance

In the competitive world of triathlons, every second counts and comfort is king. The Herron Eco-Cool Triathlon Suit, ... more

Herron apparel makes the best holiday gifts for men and women.

Want to Make Her Feel Like a Goddess this Christmas?

Wondering what to give an athlete for Christmas? What to give an athlete for Christmas seems like an easy decision. B... more

Is Investing in a Tri Suit Worth It?

Is Investing in a Tri Suit Worth It?

Is investing in a tri suit  worth it? That's a question many athletes ask themselves. I know. I debated that for seve... more

The Herron supply chain model

Navigating the Environmental Impact: Herron's Commitment to Transparency

Explore Herron Apparel's commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion. Made in socially compliant U.S. factories, our e... more

Triathletes during swim portion expose themselves to dangerous pollutants and bacteria.

How is Herron Tackling Triathlon's Polluted Water Challenge?

The plight of the 54 triathletes is a wake-up call. It's a clarion reminder of the interconnectedness of our environm... more

Runners wearing Herron running shorts during a night race on city street.

Can Increasing Steps Rate Reduce Injuries?

  Science of Running Performance Optimization  and Injury Prevention Running is not only a popular form of exercise b... more