Want to Make Her Feel Like a Goddess this Christmas?

Herron apparel makes the best holiday gifts for men and women.

Want to Make Her Feel Like a Goddess this Christmas?

What to give an athlete for Christmas seems like an easy decision. But is it really? It can be complicated so let Herron help you make her feel like Goddess. You have enough stress at this time of year, you shouldn't be worrying about what gifts to buy!

Most athletes I know already have drawers and closets full of clothes and gear, especially the female athletes, so what can you buy them that is unique and they will love? 

Let's start off with the women as they can be fairly particular in their preferences and tastes. Herron has just the solution. The ENA Collection offers comfortable and stylish leggings that will release her inner Goddess. Stylish without being trendy so she will enjoy wearing them well into the future.

Mix and match the Jogging Bras with the different Leggings which allows her the flexibiltiy of wearing different outfits to each of her favorite yoga class. The Collection is made exclusively for Herron so there is slim chance anyone else in the class will have on the same outfit! She love the comfort while having peace of mind that her perspiration won't show in embarassing places. All the while feeling good by knowing that Herron is an ethical and environmentally conscious brand.  

Woman practicing yoga wearing Ena Collection bra and leggings by Herron Apparel

You can add the Herron Women's Pullover for her to cover up with during shavasana (corpse pose at the end of the yoga practice) or for just wearing around the neighborood. It is warm, comfortable, and perfect with almost any workout clothes. Now that is truly Goddess material.

Herron Women's pullover will delight her this Christmas

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