Is Investing in a Tri Suit Worth It?

Is Investing in a Tri Suit Worth It?

Is investing in a tri suit  worth it?

That's a question many athletes ask themselves. I know. I debated that for several years prior to qualifying for the Long Distance Duathlon Championship as a member of Team USA. I decided to purchase the Team USA triathlon suit to show I was part of the team (it wasn't required.)
Steven Herron, founder of Herron Apparel, during the bike portion of the Long Distance Duathlon Championship
Now, I almost always wear a triathlon suit in competitions. I now wear the Herron Eco-Cool though! So, based on my experience and feedback from 3,000 athletes just like you that participated in a survey conducted by Herron, I am presenting considerations for you when deciding to purchase a tri suit or not.  Obviously I feel it is, especially if it is ours, but I will leave that decision up to you. 
One last thing. I designed the Eco-Cool tri suit based on my experience with the Team USA tri suit. I put the zipper in front because I found the zipper in the back to be cumbersome at best, especially when using a portable toilet just prior to race start (I'll leave the visual of that up to your imagination!) I added 'football eyelet' mesh in strategic places for optimal cooling. The primary goal was to make the suit comfortable especially over the longer distance races. The Team USA suit was hot and not real comfortable.

Embarking upon the dynamic realm of triathlons necessitates not just rigorous training but also acquiring the right gear. In this illuminating piece, we’ll unveil the nuances of the revered tri suit and ponder upon whether investing in one is a sage decision for you.

Be Strong!

Steven Herron


Unpacking the Tri Suit

Components and Materials:

Tri suits are meticulously crafted with high-end materials like Lycra, nylon, or polyester, providing optimal support through swimming, cycling, and running sequences. Herron Apparel takes this a notch higher with the Herron Eco-Cool Tri Suit, ingeniously designed for your triumphant performance.

Functionality and Efficiency:

The tri suit is the quintessential multifaceted attire, effortlessly navigating between drag minimization, cycling padding, and unrestrained running mobility.


Decoding the Advantages

Speed Transition:

Experience seamless transitions and time-saving changes with the tri suit’s integrated functionalities.


Comfort and Support:

With a tri suit, embrace unparalleled comfort and crucial support, significantly mitigating the risk of chafing during your vigorous endeavor.


Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics:

Engineered for excellence, the tri suit optimizes both air and water dynamics, enhancing your performance exponentially.


Addressing the Drawbacks

Cost Implication:

While tri suits can be somewhat costly, investing in quality, like the Herron Eco-Cool Tri Suit, ensures value for money, amalgamating performance with durability.


Sizing and Fit Issues:

A suit that doesn’t fit is a disaster waiting to happen. Hence, accurate sizing is paramount. Note: the Eco-Cool tri suit is sized a bit large so if you normally wear a medium, a small may be the best choice. Be sure to check your measurements, use the size chart, and if needed, please call the Herron customer service line +1 678-713-4228, with any concerns you may have.


Maintenance and Durability:

High-quality tri suits demand care but reward you with enduring performance and longevity.


Discerning Necessity

Type of Triathlon:

Depending on your event, a tri suit might be indispensable or optional.


Professional vs Amateur Participation:

Professionals might find tri suits non-negotiable, while amateurs may have some leeway.


Exploring Alternatives

Regular Athletic Wear:

While not as specialized, traditional athletic gear can serve as an economical alternative for those not ready to commit.


Two-Piece Triathlon Suits:

A viable option offering similar benefits, with additional flexibility in fit.


Selection Criteria

Material and Fabric:

Quality and breathable materials are crucial for comfort and performance, features embodied by the Herron Eco-Cool Tri Suit.


Design and Style:

A tri suit should not just be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, mirroring your personal style and preference.


Brand Reputation:

A brand's reputation speaks volumes about the quality you can expect. Herron was established in 2020 yet our reputation for comfort, quality, and performance is rapidly taken over the sport of triathlon. Read our reviews here.


Weighing the Costs

Investment vs. Returns:

Consider the value a high-quality tri suit like Herron’s brings against its initial investment.


Comparing Alternatives

 A comparison between a tri suit and its alternatives, weighing the pros and cons, is essential before making a purchase decision.


Spotlight on Brands

Review of Top Brands:

Top brands, including Herron Apparel, offer products that have been rigorously tested and approved by the triathlon community.


Features and Specifications:

Each model is unique, so understanding what you need is essential. For instance, the Herron Eco-Cool Tri Suit boasts features that support athletes at every level.


Final Thoughts

Personal Fitness Goals:

Your gear should mirror your fitness objectives and triathlon aspirations, serving as a catalyst rather than a hindrance.


Financial Capacity:

Invest wisely, considering both your budget and your need for quality gear. Remember, buying an inexpensive tri suit will cost you more over the long run (pun intended) either due to not wearing it because it is uncomfortable or it falls apart after one or two seasons. 


Future Plans in Triathlon:

Your long-term goals in the sport should guide your investment in gear.


In this labyrinth of considerations, the decision to invest in a tri suit, like the Herron Eco-Cool Tri Suit, should be navigated with care, balancing the scales of pros and cons while meticulously aligning with your unique needs, aspirations, and financial capacity. Whether a seasoned athlete or a novice, the right gear is your silent partner in carving a niche on the triathlon podium. Choose wisely, train hard, and let victory follow.

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