Sagging Fitness Goals? Help Is Here!

Girl sleeping on a branch over a calm pond instead of exercising to maintain her fitness goals.

Establishing and maintaining fitness goals can be challenging. Not only are we dealing with social distancing and the suspension entirely of certain athletic outlets, but depending on the climate where you live it’s always been harder to stay fit in the winter months under the best of conditions.

The last few months have been a trying time, and for many people it has caused difficulties with attention span, motivation, and the ability to start work and realize goals. Here are some tips for success under stress:

  1. Don’t ask too much of yourself. At one time setting a goal to run 3 miles a day may have been reasonable, but now you are finding that it isn’t. It doesn’t matter how you got here, the job now is to get out of the rut.
  2. Set yourself up for success. Decide to run 3 miles one day this week, or 1 mile 3 days this week. You can structure it however you like, but keep it loose so the goal isn’t overwhelming, and take small steps.
  3. Download our Fitness Planner. We have developed a no-pressure planner to help you set yourself up for success on your own terms. We know you nag yourself, so we don’t see any reason why your planner should also nag you.

The benefits:

  • Our journal doesn’t have a fixed date unless you want it to have one.
  • It has space to write a motivational saying or doodle or to write out your thoughts and a reflection on how the day went.

We believe the act of writing a few small goals and having them there in front of you can be what it takes to get you going each day to achieve not only your fitness goals, but any other goals that might be sagging.

Sample journal page, completed:


To download the Fitness Journal as a single page that can be printed as needed please follow this link. And we’d love your feedback on how it works for you and examples of how you have used it.

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