Design Without Compromise

Design Without Compromise


Quality | Herron Performance Apparel

You don't compromise. Neither do we.
Cutting corners and taking the easiest route
is not what you're about. 
Us either.

Without proof those are just empty words. You'll get your proof here. Unlike other brands, we are giving you complete access to how Herron Apparel walks the walk. 

The Impetus

In late 2015 an apparel factory that made clothing for several major sports apparel brands burned to the ground. Nearly 300 people (a.k.a. factory workers) died in that fire. The emergency exits had chains and padlocks on them.

Higher Standards

A tragedy like that must never happen again. Herron Apparel is made in factories with safe working conditions that allow provide regular breaks, free association, benefits, above industry wages, not to mention the school and medical facility on site that provides free education and medical services to the surrounding community. 

A Vow to You

Herron Apparel will never sacrifice our principles to make a profit. High quality, fair priced apparel made from environmentally friendly materials in factories that protect the environment and their workers is possible. We're doing it.

People Are The Brand

A brand cannot exist without people. People make the clothes. People buy the clothes. The brand exists solely in their minds. 

You are a conscious athlete.

You understand the consequences of your purchases.

You are Herron Apparel.

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