Herron Survey results: I am motivated and inspired by?

Blonde-haired woman with back to camera in Herron Apparel running pants and jacket looking into the morning sun on country lane.
Herron Survey Results

I am personally very driven by challenging myself to be the best I can be. Some might say dogged, to which I say - damn right!

We only get one shot at a relatively short life and I love seeing how far I can push myself. It feels like a release because that is exactly what it is for me. The ultimate release for me personally is hitting goals and completing triathlons. Let’s find out what motivates you!

Family & kids came up a lot.

As did nature, serenity and the calmness that the outdoor brings.

Winning! A great mindset to have!

Dogs came up just as much as family! Our best friends :)

It’s really interesting to find out about what makes our audience tick. Health of course matters, family too, but I personally am swayed by all the dog lovers! Whatever creates your drive is what helps make your energy to drive on! Always good to understand. When was the last time you paused to ask Why do I do this? It’s always good to soothe the soul and think about yourself and what motivates you.

How is that motivation affected by the length of your participation in your favorite sports?
Under a year 9%
1 to 5 years 22%
5 to 10 years 24%
So long I can’t remember 45% :)

This is fantastic for Herron to know about our audience. Just like me, you are driven by time served and have the experience and wisdom to know how and why to push yourselves. This is very informative for us not just in terms of clothing design but also how to support you with tips, insights, articles, and rewards as a more experienced audience.

Who do you train with, was next.
43% on own or with dog
23% with partner
31% with friends
More love for the best friend in life, the dog!

Family, fun, motivation and who you associate with is all wonderful to understand, thank you! Next it’s about inspiration, out there in the universe who do you admire?


It's really inspiring to see these people being listed. My personal favorite is the Brownlee brothers (not that in any way am I biased being a Triathlete). Inspiration comes in so many forms and this was a highlight answer for us:

“My mother! She never gives in”

And this:

“My Dad who is 84 and always kept fit”

Amen to that! The most important part for us in all of this is knowing how to serve you with more relevance. In a world awash with product, price, sale: rinse and repeat. We don’t want to be that or to do that. Of course we will offer you early design access to new collections but we will be more than that and will demonstrate this in how we reward you, what with and often with no money being asked for expected.

We believe in you, we believe that an audience like ours needs to be served accordingly because we want to achieve whatever matters to each of us in this life we live. More highlights to follow from the surveys and we will run more in the future because we are here to understand and serve you, no more, no less than what good service should be.

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