Survey results: You are not alone, I hear you.

Herron Apparel Survey results
When was the last time a brand asked how you were, or what you wanted? Or simply, “Are we doing a good job at serving your needs?”

It's not very often is it? I grew up knowing that service, and how people treat each other, is paramount to feeling satisfied.

Psychologically it’s very important for each of us to feel that our voice is being heard. Too many brands have been caught in a price war and all too often they stop their ‘effort’ at the point of sale.
I wasn’t about to start a sportswear brand with a goal to serve people aged 35+ and fall into the same trap. I’m very pleased to share the first release of our survey. This went out to tens of thousands of people just like you and me.

This is who they are and what they had to say. The results you see here are split:

Male 47% vs Female 53%

Herron Survey

We asked people what is the most dominant sporting activity in their lives. Please bear in mind that our audience is 35+ years. Here are your favorite activities:

Running 47%
Cycling 28%
Swimming 12.5%
Triathlon 12.5%

I’m 61 years old and a seasoned triathlete and I instruct exercise classes. I think the perception that age is an issue is over. This is demonstrated by the mix of how we enjoy our favorite exercises.

Off road 44%
On road 56%

This was incredibly helpful to us as we wanted to ensure the way in which we served clothing as well as insights.

Regardless of your level of ability and activity, we are big fans of mindset and belief, and to help guide that along we are putting together a complimentary service called ‘The Mindset Club’.
It will be a quick hit daily dose of advice, support, quotes and inspiration, with the occasional diet and stretching piece. It would be great to hear what you think of this club.

41% Leisure
59% Fitness
A nice balance of the 5am crew and the time that suits me. Thanks crew!!
We love this because we know that real life needs balance. We’ve been practical and functional with our designs. You will find out soon how we’ve mixed comfort with small details like secret pockets to serve your specific needs.

So far so good, and we are listening deeply to what you have to say.

This was a real joy to read, so many quotes and insights about why you do what you do. It pushes me on in how and why we are building a service to both support and serve your real life needs.
In next week’s survey release we have even more for you. From motivation, the people and things that inspire you, the future you desire, the other brands you love and what you aren’t getting from design and service, and what you ultimately desire from Herron Performance Apparel!

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