Unleashing the Goddess Mindset

Woman in crescent lunge with arm extended and wearing Herron Apparel leggings and sports bra.
You spoke. We listened.

As we started designing our first limited edition collection, there were several factors we wanted to take into consideration based on everything you shared and the feedback you gave us in the survey we sent out. Here are the highlights.

Women were fed up with sportswear made for them but not serving them.

It’s either good looking or comfortable. I never seem to be able to get both.”
Elena, Cyclist

Comfort came up in over 50% of our surveys; that’s 1000’s of people sharing a key need and one that is often underserved. It’s a challenge that needs to be solved, so we got to work on it.

“Why are there no pockets in leggings!
I exercise and need to put things in a pocket”

Jennifer Rower & Runner

We took a long time reviewing insights like this. Where should the pocket be? Why? What size? Multiple pockets? We spent a long time walking in the shoes of those we wish to serve.

What is the mindset of success? 

Much like that which inspired us for Mission Bay, we wanted all of the female Herron tribe to feel that sense of ‘can do,’ to unleash their grit and, of course, to look good doing so. We created our first collection using the Mission Bay inspiration, combined with the goddess mindset, which leads to a question or two.

What is the goddess mindset?

The term “Goddess” describes a female spirit believed to have power over parts of the world or nature - embracing the elements and guiding humanity through everything from love to war. The goddess mindset is when we unleash that sense of self that allows us to be, achieve, and think without boundaries - to embody the Goddess within.
With this mindset in place, success becomes attainable when climbing both mental mountain tops and real-life mountain tops and, above all else, believing in your legend to get there.

What did you do to make it so?

A few things, the first was to power up the design with Goddess inspired power wraps - a reminder each time you see it, and each time you wear it that you can be all you want to be. A mental powerup as only a goddess can source!

Unleashing your Goddess with women inspired limited edition collection sports apparel.

The next thing was to show some respect to the wonderful survey responses we received. When individuals make such an effort and share such rich insights (it really was humbling, and we are grateful), we want to act on it and serve our customers exactly how they want. That respect manifested in both the technical designs and hitting the comfort mark and practical pockets in each limited collection item.


The final thing was to start The Mindset Club, where you will receive a super-short, super-powerful daily powerup, sent as a quick hit email to help you Goddess up. Here is an example:


We provide this free of charge, as not everything is about selling. It’s also why we run limited-edition collections; Herron is not for everyone, just those who know that life is about perspective and what you can be.

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