I am Mission

Mission Bay at Night
I am Steven.

I founded Herron Performance Apparel because I couldn't find other brands who served my needs.

I realized I wasn’t alone. As I developed the concept of a sportswear brand for people like me, aged 35+, my goal was to make each of us feel valued as customers and with the distinct feeling that the clothing has been designed with us and our needs in mind - from the service, the design, the models, to this second life we all have with even longer lifespans and sports being readily open to us all at any age. I am simply me.

Here is the story that inspired our first limited edition.

I am Mission
There is a sweet smell in the air. I feel a little saltiness from the sea. It’s sunrise and nature is beginning to whir in to life.
I catch my breath, control it.
Take my final stretch to elongate my troublesome hamstrings.
I feel that grit inside me brewing, it’s been a long week and I need this.

I am on a Mission
I begin a light jog along the sand.
I love the depth of the push of sole to sand.
Picking up pace, I feel the cobwebs leaving the mind.
We can do this!  Willpower kicks in.
This is the freedom I need, this time for me.
Thoughts enter and leave as I move along this glorious bay.

I am Mission Bay
From the beach I climb the mountain hills.
The grit inside is making everything seem possible.
As the hills settle into jagged roads I feel even more free.
Free but oh boy, a second wind would be great.
Here I go, descending knowing each step is closer to the goal.
I’m past the mountain top but mentally my mountain top is still to come.
I am Mission Bay, the place where it all began inside.

Mission Bay was the site of first official triathlon.
It is a beautiful place.

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